Plan for Safety This Season

Limiting slip and fall hazards around your site is a major concern for winter. You also need to help drivers with safer surfaces for turns and backing out. That’s where our surface treatment plans come into play!

Take the Worry Out of Winter

At Lunar Snow Removal, we’re here to create safer winter paths for all of our clients. Slick parking lots and roads are just asking for trouble. It’s the same whether your location is big or small. When you need to keep snow and ice in check, regular salt and brine treatments can help.

Since the weather can turn at a moment’s notice, it’s often tricky to manage these details on your own. Fortunately, we’re always on guard, so our professionals can take quick action. That way, you can rest easy knowing that we’re on the move—around the clock.

Get Help from Our Crew

Salt and brine solutions help keep sites safe for winter, while we’re driving through the parking lot, or just walking back to the car. If your location needs a hand with surface treatment, our team can get the job done.

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