Salt & Handwork

Keep Your Walkways Safe for Winter

Snow and ice are dangerous enough on their own—and they’re even worse when put together. It’s easier to avoid falls when your sidewalks and entryways are clear.

Dedicated teams

Deploying consistent teams for each event is a critical component to ensure the entire site is cleared efficiently. 

Sidewalk clearing

We’ll keep your walks clear with a combination of sidewalk snow vehicles and traditional sidewalk shoveling. 


Multiple treatment options for pre and post event applications.  From liquid brine to granular products, we have the right solution to keep your sidewalks clear and safe.

Find Great Service with Lunar!

We’ll keep an eye on the weather and brave the elements so you don’t have to. It’s a great “out of sight, out of mind’ setup. For all your snow removal and hand work needs, we’re here to help. Minimize your risks with our professional and timely service.

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