Commercial Snow Removal

Prep Your Site for the Season

Whether we’re facing flurries every few days or getting dumped with snow overnight, you want to have a commercial snow removal team you can trust. Your site needs clear parking lots to accommodate everyone safely.

Take the Stress Out of Snow

It can be challenging to check the weather when you have other responsibilities to manage around your building and grounds. And properly navigating snow piles takes special equipment. When you can’t manage these details on your own, our around-the-clock snow and ice management at Lunar Snow Removal can help. Our experienced crew will make sure your site stays clear all season long.

We have contracts with companies and organizations big and small throughout the Central Indiana area. Once you’re in our rotation, you can rest easy. We’ll watch the forecast for you and get to work quickly at the first signs of snow.

Let Our Business Serve Yours

Commercial snow removal requires organization and speed to stay ahead of the weather. Getting the right team of professionals on your side can help you limit liability and hassle every day of the week. Set up your plan now to stay in the clear for winter.

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