The Importance of Snow Removal for Property Safety

It’s not breaking news that snow equates to slippery conditions on the parking lots and sidewalks ultimately leading to injuries and accidents. The underlying issue is that business and company owners may not understand what is at stake if they don’t prepare or keep up with the shifting weather. A business can risk their entire reputation and operation without proper snow removal. We’ve got good news for you; Lunar Snow Removal has a simple fix and can help resolve the issue before the snow even starts to fall.

Consumer Comfort

You want to enhance the quality of your customer’s experience from all aspects of your property.  This includes the parking lot. It’s common for a customer to react to a company’s lack in the upkeep to their parking lot and facilities by avoiding the business altogether. They drive in and can’t find a place to park and pull right back out. A consumer who doesn’t have a good experience somewhere doesn’t find it urgent to go back, especially in the winter time.

Lawsuits and Injuries

When a customer drives onto your property, parks, and gets out of the vehicle, what happens to them is ultimately your responsibility. If you cannot ensure a safe and convenient experience, you may find yourself at the losing end of a lawsuit. Elderly individuals and children are the most susceptible to a fall, but all bodies respond differently to each and every slip. Some may heal quickly, but others may suffer from life-long or life-threatening injuries due to a fall on your property that wasn’t properly cared for in the winter months.

Resolving the Issue

It’s pivotal that you aren’t opening your company and livelihood up to these worst-case scenarios. However, the upkeep of your grounds and facilities can be an extremely overwhelming task. Fortunately for you, there is a simple way to resolve this issue and avoid potential lawsuits. Choosing a snow removal company like Lunar can be integral and time saving for your business. We have tailored services surrounding your customer’s safety. Your safety and productivity are important to us.

During the winter we are committed to timely service while maintaining optimal safety. We pride ourselves on consistent and effective communication with the property managers so that we can ensure that the critical needs of the grounds are met during inclement weather to ensure the safety of your customers and employees.

Don’t wait until the winter months circle back around, call Lunar Companies today to discuss the plans for your company at (317) 417-1881.

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